Václav Česák

Born on 1 April 1962

He was born and grew up in Pilsen but the roots of his family are in Starý Smolivec near Nepomuk where he lives and works nowadays. He has had a very strong tie to that place since his youth. This country has always influenced his artistic work to a great extent.

He studied visual and plastic arts in private studio held by academical sculptor František Bálek who pointed the talent and art gift out of him and unselfishly offered him all needed opportunities, space for creation and his own great artifical experience. Next important study was in German artistic foundry Lenz-Jahn in Nuremberg where he worked under ownership of engraving master Tomáš Podlesný and Sabine Jahn.

He regards and considers spiritual range of futurism for his main inspiration where his life philosophy comes from.

He likes to use rich scale of materials (i.e. stone, bronze, steel, stainless steel and other special substances) and therefore he is able to use and add great potencial of imaginations and thoughts into his work in entire full capacity. From the very first step he gets down to work in creative way, his abilities are very comprehensive. That is why he is able to get into final art effect and also to cope with all the scales of needed technique and pre-production ( i.e. pre-forming of shapes, wax models casting, patina, frosting, glaze, enamel etc.). He is also experienced in light design, scenography and jewellery technique.

He is interested not only in the plastic art but also in music. He co-wrote some signature tunes and jingles for Czech Radio Broadcast in Pilsen and visual arrangements for multimedial presentation and performance „Virtula Cirk“. There are a lot of realisations all over the world.

Václav Česák is a charter member of Matice of Saint John of Nepomuk, he has been a chairman since 2020. In his work he devotes to this saint ́s legacy very often.

In 2019 he was awarded by Ministry of Defence, he got the Certificate of a member of resistence movement and protest against communism. He was also included into the project Post Bellum „Paměť národa“ (The memory of the nation).

He is an honour member of Arf Society too – Frank Zappa Fan Club Worldwide.